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Your tombstone

mr d

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Bored and having morbid thoughts about if I died today what would I want on my tombstone. Hey, most times people leave it up to those left behind to come up with something. So why not write your own when alive. For me I think this will suffice.


'Was here, didn't really hurt anyone, and manged to provide a fun laughs. Now split for parts unknown.


However for my eulogy, think i'll write that too. And lie my ass off about my whole life, I'm dead what do I care, figure why not have fun with it.


So what do you want on your tombstone?


Mr D


'I'd never belong to a club that would have someone like me as a member' G. Marx

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I always love that creepy one:

As you are, I once was.

As I am, you shall be


...or something like that.


For some reason I can't help but to laugh at simply "Have you seen my stapler?"


I don't think I'd want to be in the ground anyway though, cremation takes up a lot less space.

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