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i received my water retaining crystals today . I tried em and i found it quite interesting. But i do not think that they would be thick enough in consistancy. I think when they come under pressure they release the water and just turn into water. Really i need it to be more like the silly putty stuff you can get. But thats just too expensive. Please let me know if i am not using these crystals correctly or something ?



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you CAN make your own Silly Putty! :)


silicone oil and boric acid is all you need.


did you try all different grain sizes and hydrations? there surely will be a happy medium that will work.


failing that try the silver sand and motor oil, use the gel crystals in the garden :)

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I have found a decent website that sells silicone oil and may sell other stuff that you may be interested in if you want to take a look.




Is that the correct thing that i need to buy ?


And have you got any idea what quantities I need to use to get putty consistency.


Thanks :D

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could do with just a little bit more of advice :)


Just wondering what viscocity do you think would be best for the silicone oil to make the putty ?


Also do you think the Elmers glue and boric acid would be a good recipe :)?


Thank you im just about to order the things now

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