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I'm off to Space School

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Hey all,

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to Space School UK up at Leicester University. It looks absolutely amazing. Its designed for year GCSE and A-Level students to learn more about well... space. I'm gonna get talks about current and future missions to other planets including the planned manned mission to Mars and the Moon. We are even getting a demonstration of experiments in zero gravity by the ESA student parabolic flight team!

Not only that, we are going to the National Space Centre along with another observatory. It looks amazing! Even having a competition to see who builds the best rocket!


Sorry I'm bragging all this but I am just so excited! I even got a scholarship to it and saved £250. It runs every year (this is my first time) so look out for it around june/july next year (i discovered it reading in NewScientist).


If anyone else from this forum is going, I'll see you there.

Woohoo, can't wait. Hopefully I'll learn much, much more.


By the way, there is the website for those interested in maybe next year:


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i am so jealous of you. congratulations.


:) Thanks very much. I am really looking forward to it.

Oh and by the way, if you were thinking this was an actual school, its not. It is just a 6 day residential course. It would be amazing if it actually was a school.

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Congratulations on getting into the program!

Should be a good way to get to know people from other parts of UK that are interested in space/astrophysics. Hope there are some excellent teachers.

Maybe you will let us know some of the highlights when you get back in a few days.

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