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"Devil Sticks"?


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Would anyone happen to know what material this is made of?



It's a friends and he says it's from a juggling set. I looked online and it looks like they call them "devil sticks" or something.


Anyway, I'm trying to make a short star wars fan film with my friend and I think if I could get a longer piece of this material (about a meter; 3 feet) it would make the perfect lightsaber blade.


Lucasfilm used carbon tubes but those are out of our price range...


Better yet, I think it would be even better if we could find a rubber tube with small enough diameter so that it would fit comfortably.


Someone said on another forum that it was fiberglass...but too me it feels more rubbery...


Any ideas?

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Looks like spiral-wrapped leather to me.


I swear to god I was going to say the same thing. It really does look like that. Iron taped around tightly with leather or a carbon fibre sheet.

IF it helps then look up on google how to make a hose. Looks pretty much similar. ( saw in on "how its made" on discovery )

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