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good laptop for student


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so I need to get a laptop for college, most of what I'm going to be doing involves mathmatics and physics so I'm wondering what kind of hardware should I get in order to be able to do things on mathmatica and such in a timely manner. Most importantly is processing power important or memory capacity, and in terms of rendering capability for complex graphs and such do I need to worry about the graphics card?

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Hi Luke,

You can't really go wrong, for what you are looking for. A CPU and Ram are all you need - a graphics card (other than "integrated" graphics cards) is only needed to run multiple displays (more than 2 - the notebook and one external screen; some integrated solutions may even do this), play video games, encode video and, in the case of a few GPU's and a few formats (which you really shouldn't worry about, in my opinion), decode certain types of videos (the cpu can do it, but not as fast).


For a CPU you should first figure out exactly when you need it. If you have no budget or don't mind spending a lot, wait a month or so and expect to find new notebooks coming out with Core 2 CPUs (by intel). Otherwise, any Pentium M or Turion-based (Intel and AMD, respectively) system with a gig of ram (or 2 gigs if the price doesn't bother you) will be just fine for you.


Actually, any of the CPU's out there will pobably be just fine for what you are describing. Even the older ones that are being phased out. The newer CPUs are definately faster, though, and if you get the right one your battery life will be much better.

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I'd agree with MattC. If all you want is to be able to run things like Mathematica quickly all you need is a decent CPU and RAM.


If you want games then obviously a decent graphics card is required, but if not I'd still suggest you get one, it takes a bit of the strain off the CPU.


As for an actual suggestion, it depends on how much you want to spend. A 3GHz Intel processor with 1GB of RAM sounds good, but might be way outside your price limit.


Also do you have any brand preference? Dell make good laptops, although as with all Dell computers you will be paying partly for the name. Having said that obviously many thousands/millions of people seem to think it is worth the price, I am with them.


Although when talking about desktops I think you should build your own, if possible, although obviously with laptops you can't. Or you could, technically, but you know what I mean (YT - thinking of you!).

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well I've long since passed out of my computer phase where I was willing to build my own computers (I used to know every part of a cpu etc.).


So I'm looking to get one of the new macbook pro's for the ease of use and the fact that nothing ever goes wrong helps a bit as well.

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do you guys think that the 2GB ram upgrade on the macbook pro is worth anything more than bragging rights?

If you later want to install vista on it then it will be a must, now it's just nice for some not common situations.


Anyway AMD & Intel started their dual-core price war.

Intel made a faster CPU than AMD (since long), AMD is dropping prices fast, Intel also but mostly to get rid of their old CPU.


So if you are not in a hurry...

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