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What did you all get on Ap calculus exams?


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from what I understand of the UK's education system the AP test is equivalent to one of your A levels. essentially its a test that says that you've learned everything that would be taught in a freshman college course on the subject and that you should recieve a college credit for having passed the test

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the tests are scored 1-5 with 5 being the highest score


alot of colleges will accept a 3 however the upper tend to want a 4 in order to give credit.


There are two ap calculus tests


The AB covers Calc 1 (although it tends to cover the beginning of calc 2 aswell)


The BC test covers all of first year calculus, although incase you do poorly on the parts of the test that would be in calc 2 they also give you a score based on the material covered in calc 1, that way you can still get college credit for calc 1 if not both.

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Basically, AP exams are difficult courses, equivalent of college level courses in college (maybe first-year or second-year), that are taken in high school. THe gist of it is that if you do well, like a 4 or a 5 on exams, the scores may exempt you from the courses taken in college. depending on the college you choose. Thus doing so, it will save you tons of money and some college credits.

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