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Giant Bat-eating Centipede Movie


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The centipede is 13 inches (35 centimeters) long

and dwells in total darkness, in a cave in Venezuela.

It lives by eating small bats


It is early morning: bedtime for bats. The bats are returning to their cave where they will pass the daylight hours hanging from the ceiling. The movie shows the centipede as it is climbing up the wall of the cave and thence out onto the ceiling, where it waits for a bat to fly past.



The movie shows the centipede catch a bat in flight.

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What... is... that mantis... holding?... ???



That centipede/bat movie makes it look smaller somehow, maybe, because its lack of colour. The other one with the mouse is more impressive. Really impressive. (DON'T LOOK, if you're soft-hearted!)


Weird thing is i was afraid of small spiders that could do me absolutely no harm, but i'd even keep one of those murderous centipedes as a pet.

I like their colours.

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