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A question on the states of matter


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We all know that solids, liquids and gasses are states of matter. i have two questions:


1. What exactly is plasma and is it a state of matter. I heard plasma was a 'soup' of electrons and atoms nucleus's. Is this correct.


2. In what state of matter is jelly classified as. The jelly that you eat.

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Jelly and gelatin are gels, a type of colloid. Colloids in general have one substance dispersed in another. This includes aerosols (liquid dispersed in gas, eg fog), foams (gas dispersed in solid, eg whipped cream), emulsions (liquid dispersed in liquid, eg milk), sols (solid in liquid, eg paints). Gels are a liquid dispersed through a solid. In the case of jelly, when the crystals solidify as you cool it in the fridge, they form a loose, porous lattice. This allows the liquid (water) to remain within the lattice. So jelly has both solid and liquid phases within it, and a combination of the two phases attributes.

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