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stupid thing thats bothering me

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I have a Macintosh and the calculator program obviously doesn't have the same bug as does the Windows brand. If you are getting a number like +-0.00000000000001 or something, it may be because of infinitesimal errors that propagate offscreen and then get displayed at the end. This can be observed in programming if one multiplies/divides huge numbers or incredibly small numbers.

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Yeah, I get 4.231503478368152916468244968377e-38


computers have trouble rounding when it comes to that degree of precision. It has to do with the fact that the registers that store the numbers are finite in size.

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Yeah, but what's weird is that the error isn't in the calculation 2-2=0, the error is in displaying 2 as the result of sqrt(2)^2, which is where the bug occurs. If it calced the result as 1.999999999999... why didn't it display that?

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