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What should I study for this?


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Hi everyone,


I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll just put it hear because its related to university.


Anyways, I was wondering what I should study in university if I want to end up working at some chip-making company, like Intel, AMD, etc. Preferably on the R&D team, but basically any type of science-based work at one of those companies.


Thanks for your input,


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The people I know at such companies (mostly Infineon) are Physicists, Chemicists and Material Scientists.


The advice above is excellent. Follow it.


However, to increase your advantage (jobs are competitive these days), find a university/program that has an industrial relationship with one of those companies (i.e. Intel/AMD). A number of these companies actually give money to universities not only for philantrophic and for the fostering of research relationships, but to also to have access to students who are trained with their technology/platform.


This is the case with a university on Long Island (SUNY Stony Brook) where Computer Associates (CA) had donated millions of dollars to thier computer sciences department. It increased the technology availalbe to the students and in a sense student education revolved around future employment at CA.


So, good luck!

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I need some advice. I would like to study nanotechnology

but before the Nanotechnology MSc I have to choose a BSc course.

I'm thinking of choosing bioengineering - do you think it will be good enough?

(I'm especially interested in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine.)

Or should I study something else?

Could you please help me?

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