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Did GMail ever delete pictures in an old email of yours?


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Gmail deleted a picture from one of my mails long ago, but the problem has not reoccured (as of lately). I'm somewhat uneasy about emailing pictures to my Gmail; however, the space/organization offered seems to appease my storage needs.


Anyone ever have this picture problem?

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I've never heard of any such problems with Gmail.


Maybe if it was very old when Gmail first started there was some fault, or some data got lost in their early days - but I would not expect anything like that to repeat itself.

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The email was from April 2nd, 2005. If I remember correctly, GMail started up in 2004; hopefully, the problem no longer exists. I don't think the picture would have been erased were the sender to have deleted his or her email account.


Although, some email servers can be screwy.


I decided to hack and grab the picture link: http://pstr-r03.ygpweb.aol.com/data/pictures/01/00A/23/1C/0F/4D/b36Sw+DVRUEHEaSkEY8E5fn8dGKbKnJ800A0.jpg


The email was from an AOL account, but I would assume since the picture was sent, then that would mean my email account has the picture; although, I'm not too familiar with AOL anymore. I wouldn't be sure if the picture was linked from some AOL email server or not.


This may have been a Gmail glitch from long ago. I believe the options for messing with pictures in mail have changed since 04/02/05.

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Is there a way for me to put a image in the email if i use gmail. I can't figure it out. If i have the link of the image how do i insert it in the email?

You have to use the "Attach a file" function to do it in the web interface. You could also setup pop access and use your favorite email client.

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