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Most of our Universe is Missing.......

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Did anyone see this on the science channel?



What do you guys think about dark matter/dark engergy?



From what I've seen at least on the quantum mehcanics board, you guys don't seem to like String Theory too much...:cool:



I'd really appreciate your input! :)


Thanks, LC

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i dont like the idea of dark matter, but it does explain the phenomena we see better than anything we currently have, accept maybe for modified newtonian dynamics, which is so far the most convincing alternative.


but yah, the universe has been around for a while, plenty of "dead" non light emitting matter out there, (brown dwarfs, rogue planets, black holes)when u think about all the stars that are out there, and how many would have burnt out by now

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Dark-Matter.....I have also been thinking about it and also posted a query which was discussed by others on board.If you want to read,here is the link:





As far as string theories are concerned,not many people are asking questions about it,but,one thing I can assure you of is that if you ask some,then people here will certainly be able to satisfy you(specially the physics experts)

Also,with people like klaynos and ajb and others and with the physics experts,I can safely say that we here have one of the best physics team that are out there.So,if you have any questions,just post them and enjoy the symphony of strings.

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Well my company is called dark matter audio for a good reason (I think) I think that dark matter is just very low frequency wave forms that we find nearly impossible to pick up. At the edge of the universe we can start to see the effects of the lowest frequency waveforms slowing down' date=' our whole world could well consist of nothing more that waveforms interacting with each other. Half the universe is not missing it permiates everything we just cant acuately discriminate the signals. Check out my site for a program that could help one day http://www.darkmatteraudio.co.uk

Have a nice day![/quote']flowers in may, fine cocks in the hay

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Thanks Kenshin, but I am no expert in the field of cosmology. I highly recommend the book by Andrew Liddle. His book "An Introduction to Modern Cosmology" is great. It does not assume any knowledge of general relativity, particle physics or anything like that. All you should have is a basic overview of classical physics. The book does give you an overview of dark matter, but not dark energy. Either way, it is the place to start.


I have a copy of the first edition. Even my girlfriend who does not know much physics found it interesting!



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