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I was watching a show on the history channel regarding this and all these religious types claim that there's a code in the bible describing every event in all time and that they've cracked the code using computers, particularily a method called ELS or Equidistant Letter Sequence. I missed all the details but basically a excerpt of text is taken as a matrix which each letter taken as a character with all spaces ignored. For example, the phase "The blonde boy walks the orange dog" would be written as:








Then a word of interest is chosen and the computer attmpts to find other words which relate to it in the matrix, but in any configuation meaning that a related word can be written straight, backwards, diagonal, upside down, written as every other letter, or any combination of the above. The significance of a pairing is determined by its proximity in the given matrix.

These so-called researchers have found so-called prediction and accounts of many events in history from WWII to the Kennedy assasination but its completely flawed!

Give a computer a word like "ganglia" and it'll find you a description of the inner workings of the nervous system in one of president bush's speeches. As a matter of fact a real statistician was able to find an account of the Kennedy assasination in Moby Dick.

Its completely biased, unscientific, and total bullshyt.

Any thoughts?

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I think they've taken the opportunity to run all the specials made contemporaneously with The Omega Code now that The Da Vinci Code has been released.


Oh, I think a few of them came out contemporaneously with Pi when it talked about a mathematical code in the Torah. At least that makes a little sense, considering it was written in Hebrew.

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uh, bible codes a scam. All they're doing is using a computer to set up crossword puzzles with the text of the bible, and then having the computer look for the words they tell it. Of course the number words that you could associate with a particular event are almost infinite, so its no mystery that sometimes the words related to a particular event are found near eachother. Naturally they don't tell you about all the times they aren't near eachother. Its just a complete scam.

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The King James Version is the unadulterated word of God!!!


Whats is your basis for such an argument? What you said is a completely blind and empty statement.


BTW, the ELS was done using the old testament in hebrew.

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No, that's just a self portrait showing delusions of granduer.:)


I don't know that he'll be pleased that someone has mistaken him for the risen Christ though.


OTOH, it's said that the true Messiah denies his divinity. Bascule is there something you wish to share with us all?

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it's said that the true Messiah denies his divinity


Brian: Will you all just listen? I'm not the Messiah!!

Follower: Only the true Messiah denies his divinity!

Brian: Well what sort of chance does that give me?!

--Monty Python's 'The Life of Brian'

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