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Support My School's Orchestra and Get Your Sites or Company or Name Advertised!


Hi, everyone, my school, Council Rock High School South, have an amazing Orchestra. We were rated the best High School Orchestra in the US state of Pennsylvannia by the PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association). We also performed the pieces, 5 selected movement of the original version of "Pictures of an Expedition" and "Rusian Sailor Dance" and "The Inferno", at the PMEA convention at March 31st, 2006 for many music teachers.


It was decided that we will be traveling to Italy on a concert tour next year to Perform the selected pieces including the famous "Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture" and "La Gazza Ladra".


The fee for the tour is expensive, cost around $2500 USD for each member (I am one of them), therefore, we need to do some fund rasing in order to go on the trip. The Patron Book is one. The Patron Book for 2006 - 2007 is a book recorded pictures and events of our trip at Italy along with a listing of individuals and organizations who have contributed to the Orchestra trip fund. The Patron Book will be published and distributed throughout the school district at concerts and performances.


By sponsering us with a minimum of $20 USD, we will publish your Company (Site) name, address, phone number... Please e-mail billwaahau@gmail.com for details...


And post your comment here.

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