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Programing Challenge

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Part of my job this summer is to write a program that imports data into matlab, does a bunch of manipulations and makes some graphs and stuff and then exports it all into a Word document. I'm trying to make this as independent of the user as possible (I don't want the user to have to copy and paste everything into word themselves.)


Does anyone know how I could go about exporting data from Matlab into Word?


For example, I'd like a table like the following:


x | (x1) | (x2) | (x3) |



y | (y1) | (y2) | (y3) |


This is really simplified, but anyway...I want the user to type in a bunch of inputs, Matlab runs some programing and opens up word and put variables x1,x2,x3,y1,y2,y3 in their places in the table so in the end I just end up with a clean, presentable table of values.


I think if anyone can help me get this far I can expand on that to include the graphs and charts and everything I'm going to need. Anyone have any ideas?

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