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Water quality and Ecology Question

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Well i am making a huge project that concerns the testing of water quality in a rural and city environment. It is obvious to assume that a city location will have more acidic concentration, more nitrate, iron, and chloride concentration then a rural environment.


My question is that i need to make a null hypothesis on this topic (null means that it can be disputed or refuted) can anyone help me in making a null hypothesis on this topic. Thanks alot everyone

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There is no significant difference in xxx contamination between rural and city environments.


While it is not my field of expertise I am a little bit doubtful regarding nitrate and possibly iron contamination between rural and city areas, btw.

I am not sure if for instance fertilizers in rural areas might not raise the contamination to city levels. And regarding iron, especially in anoxic subsurfaces and aquifers the concentration can be extremely high.

Just some random thoughts, though.

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