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Whats the most painful thing you've ever experienced

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Sorry to bring back a dead thread but I was looking through old posts and I saw this:


I had a wart frozen off a few years ago. I have also had some pretty horrible experiences with doctors not being able to hit a vain when taking blood.


And I started thinking how incredibly naive I was when I wrote this. A level 1 Department of Defense exposure to OC was by far the most painful thing I could ever imagine. The females in my unit who have had kids said they would rather go through natural child birth again the be sprayed again. And I thought being tazed was bad...

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Physical pain, not emotional.


I wasn't paying much attention, and closed my index finger in the car door. It was lodged in there so much that I had to gather my senses and use my other hand to reach into my pocket, click the key fob to unlock the door, then reach for the handle to open the door and remove my finger. It wouldn't come out just by pulling.


My finger swole up about 3 times it's normal size. I had to go to the ER where they drilled by hand 3 holes through the finger nail to release the pressure. That wasn't very pleasant... at all. Two days later, the nail fell off.


It was rather tender, and remained so. I couldn't write very well or type for a few months.



I've had other painful encounters, like when a hot ember from a camp fire landed on my skin and I couldn't flick it off since it had melted itself into the skin, but the above stands out in memory. To this day, that finger nail is different from all of the others. :)

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I've been lucky as I haven't broken any bones as of yet, but slamming a car door on my thumb hurt pretty bad. Getting molten, burning plastic on my hand wasn't too pleasant either. Oddly, having one of my wisdom teeth removed didn't hurt at all but I'll knock on wood since I still have three left.


Funny quote of the day: "You will learn the meaning of pain" -My dad's dentist, just before a root canal operation (which the dentist apparently screwed up, resulting into it hurting like hell).

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Oleoresin Capsicum


It's just pepper spray.


Indeed. but not just pepperspray the DoD military pepper spray is many times more potent then the spray civilian law enforcement uses. I stopped breathing at one point and I was pretty sure I was going to die. Then I accidentally snotted on my arm and my arm started burning and I instinctively grabbed my arm transferring all the OC from my fingers onto my arm. I was pretty sure my arm was going to fall off. It finally goes away after a few hours so I'm thinking, phew that was the worst experience of my life. Good thing this certificate will keep me from ever having to do it again. Time for a shower. too bad it all reactivates on contact with water. I had to wear underwear in the shower to prevent it from dripping onto my groin area.


Funny story, one guy after hearing how bad showering was decides he's not going to shower. All was well until we had a group run the next morning. First he started sweating. then it started raining. You could hear him moaning on the other side of the compound.

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I was playing lacrosse and was about to shoot when a kid cross checked me from behind in the back of the head. That hurt but not to bad. But when I ran track I pulled something in my back which made it painful to walk it wasn't a incredible bad pain but because it was constant it made me feel horrible.

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Bitten by a vipera berus.

I live in southcentral Sweden, but very northwest we have a summer cottage. It's close to the norwegian border, so we drove there. Close to the border they have old bunkers and trenches. Norway was occupated by Germany in WWII, hence why Sweden had to be alert.

Anyway, i went inside a pitchblack concrete bunker, when i heard a hissing sound. But my thoughts when i first heard the noise was not of a snake, but of a gas can streaming out a flow of gas. My slow reaction led to me being bitten, since i was, judging by the distance of the sound, practically standing on it.

It was springtime, so i guess the viper had the bunker as its hibernation-spot.

The bite itself wasn't painful. It was the whole venom-ordeal.

My leg was completely swollen and inflammed, with some bruising.

Felt like a wasp sting, but 10x more painful, and lasted longer.

The immediate pain lasted for a day perhaps, and discomfort a week.

Luckily, i had help from my friend betamethasone.

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Hmmm, most painful...in no particular order:


- Getting OC'd. I've been pepper-sprayed 3 times. Once during training for the Sheriff's Office, once during my security officer training and then once accidentally while fighting with a subject. The first two times were intentional for training purposes. The last happened because I happened to move into the stream as my partner sprayed, catching me directly across the face while I was trying to detain someone. Some people say you can get used to it but, I don't want to get used to it. AND I have asthma so that makes it all that much worse.


- Stab wound to the leg with scissors...let's just say it got my attention.


- Been hit twice in the head with shovels. The first time I was 5yrs old and stood behind someone who was digging, not realizing I was there and took the business end to my forehead. Then I did it to myself like a dumb*** when I was in 5th grade, knocking icicles off my roof. I still have the dents in my skull from both incidents.


- Skateboarding. Most guys will say slamming ur nuts hurts the worst but, IMO, while doing boardslides and whatnot, I've learned the hard way that hitting the upper part of ur inner thigh hurts even worse. Consequently, during my sheriff's office custody and control training, we were taught to kick the inner thigh to disable a subject during a fight so..hmm.


- Gout sucks too. I got that in my right foot a few years back and would rather be pepper-sprayed again if I had a choice.

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