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Is it true cool blood creatures are always cool blooded?


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I often seen hot blood animals like mammals and birds are playing in the circus except cool blood creatures like reptiles, insects, spiders... (or plants). Is is true that cool blood organism are more harder to be tame?

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I suppose it would be difficult to tame a crocodile, spider or frog and get it to do what you want at a sound of a command. I'm not sure whether it would have something to do with their blood temperature.

Maybe just no one has tried it enough. I suppose another question is; why would you want to make a crocodile do tricks in the circus?

I do not think (though it could be possible) that the temperature of the blood affects the ability to tame.


What do you others think?

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I think it might be partly a matter of perception. We are judging how we thing these cold blooded animals think and feel based on how they appear and behave and our standards of human and mammal behaviour. Not sure about the birds. Are they really any easier to tame than a lizard? What is tame?


What is play? What is play to a reptile, or a flower?

How do we know a croc, or a crocus, is not in a playful mood?


Good question though. Nicely worded. Lots of scope for investigation.


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It's largely a matter of complexity, and by proxy, the abilitiy to learn. "Warm-blooded" creatures are often more intelligent, with behaviors that go beyond simple inborn instinct. But you'll notice that there are a number of intelligent "cold-blooded" creatures as well such as turtles, certain lizards, or as an extreme example of intelligence, the octopus, which can be at least tamed if not trained. Plus, there's willingness to cooperate to consider as a factor. Some species just don'wanna play nice :P


warm blooded doesn't actually mean they have "warm blood" it just means that they are able to maintain their own body-temperature largely without the environment around them, whereas "cold-bloodeds" rely on the environment to regulate their temperatures.

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I don't see how there is a connection between the warm bloodedness and taming. It really depends on the species. I have a very tame bearded dragon (lizard) that never bites or anything. It can't do tricks, but that's because its body isn't built for doing tricks, i.e. it's slow.


warm blooded creatures are alot more intlegant than cold blooded ones.


Listen to AzurePhoenix, she's correct.

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Warm blooded creatures often show more development in the limbic areas of the brain, which are needed for emotional assessement and the creation of memory. This gives them a learning advantage. I used to have a fish tank. There were a few species of fish that could recognize me and would swim to the glass to greet me thinking I was going to feed them. They would usually swim away from strangers. It was sort of a trick.


One day I noticed my smartest fish (angel fish) swimming in a frantic way. It was really strange. Later that day, a fire broke out in the apartment next door due to a lamp that short circuited opposite the fish tank. Now that was a good trick.

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