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just a clarification on a maths question.


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i have been given this question as part of a maths assignment so i dont want to be put into a situation where i might be advantaged against my other classmates with too much extra help but i was wondering if anyone could help me define y in this, im pretty confident that i have the right answer. i just cant think of the words to define it.


A motorist covered the first third of the distance at 60km/hr and the next third at 90km/hr. If the average speed for the whole trip was 80km/hr, what was the speed for the final third of the trip?


Here is my answer:



[math] \frac{y}{3} [/math] =80

y= 240







the speed for the last third of the trip was 90km/hr


i have tried to define y myself as the total of all speeds, can anyone offer a better clearer more precise one? cos im stuck :-(

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