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hello people. Long time


As far as I know, a transformer cannot function without a soft iron core. This is because the e.m.f in the primary coil induces a magnetic field on the iron that then induces an e.m.f in the secondary coil. So I don't see how a transformer could work without that.


And besides, the loss due to eddy fields and heat, etc. are so small that they are negligible in most cases. Therefore a transformer's efficiency is about 95-98 %. Can someone pls. verify this ?


So there is no real need for removing the iron core even for efficiency reasons.

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it all depends on what frequencies you`re running at, Air Core transformers exist :)

they are often for high frequency applications where a Core (iron or ferrite) would Decrease their efficiency.

Yes, air core transformer exists. Generally, air-core transformers are used when the voltage source has a high frequency (above 20 kHz). Iron-core transformers are usually used when the source frequency is low (below 20 kHz

I've got a look at it,but I still can't figure out the answer.

Is it all the P=[power given out by the primary transformer minus power loss by the main three ways]must be absorbed in the secondary circuit whatever the load is?

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The iron core concentrates the field lines, so that the secondary sees a larger field, and thus a larger changing field, so Faraday's law tells you you get a larger voltage out the other side. If you take the core out the load is reduced, so I think you will just draw less current in the primary.

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actualy removal of the core will cause the primary to burn out, it`s value in Henries will alter, as will it`s imepedance for the application it was matched for and simply get Very hot and burn out (I`ve tried before many years ago), in general, they Don`t Like It! :)

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I am doing project for my 3rd year about the transformer.I attached the equivalent circuit in my attachment.

I have several question to ask,


1)how to calculate the transfer function from the circuit so I can manage to get the resonant frequency?


2)Is transfer function in this circuit same with its gain?




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