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I am trying to build something...

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Hello science forum


To cut right to the chase I am trying to build a device and have no idea where to start. I made this post here as I don’t even know which science sub-forum it would go in. I have tried searching on the internet for both ‘invention’ and ‘modification’ forums as they would likely be more suited to discussing my idea. However ‘invention’ as expected brought up nothing but results for patenting inventions and other tips for personal gain with inventions while ‘modification’ gave me a whole list of resources to do with the subject of video game mods. So here I am….


I will try to keep this as short as possible. Simply put I want to modify a standard scuba diving cylinder into a paint ‘cannon’ (for lack of a more serious or jazzy term). I have broken it down into the following steps


The dive cylinder – Can it be modified, how? Who can do it? Etc



The ‘cannon’ – Design? Spray variation? How and who? Etc


Paint – What type of paint? Etc


Don’t let the ‘cannon’ moniker fool you I really want it to be both a simple and compact device similar to what you would find on the end of a garden hose. The purpose of this device would of course be a fast high pressure out put of paint to cover any given surface. I know this exact invention/modification has worked with modifying large refillable fire extinguishers and thus I don’t see why it can’t be replicated with a scuba cylinder. Although I guess to replicate something you have to know how they did it…


If anyone has any advice at all I would really appreciate it. Anything from a better internet forum to present this situation to or different factors you can think of to consider when building this device.



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so basicly you`re making an air brush, powered by an air bottle instead of a compressor?

that shouldn`t take more than a few mins to put together with the right pipe adaptors and regulator setting :)

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there are others like me out there I`m sure, this is exactly the sort of thing I do as a Job, I get contracted to engineer things, if you live in the UK, I`de be happy to take this on for you. if not you`ll probably have to do a search for another "Creative Engineer" local to you.


to be honest though, if you wanted to do this yourself, start with finding out the PSI rating of the tank, and then shop around for an airbrish that doesn`t exceed this requirement and is best suited to your needs.

from there it`s simply a case of adapting the pipes to fit and finding your ideal regualtor setting.

I must admit though, it sounds a very expensive way to go about it as these tanks aren`t cheap and refills cost a fair bit too!

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Scuba tanks are rated ~3000 psi, ~80cuft.. If you fill one at full capacity, you have a good chance to rip your head off playing with its valve and pressure. Do not even dream of a garden hose!:eek: That is not a toy and can be lethal in wrong hands.


Scuba diver

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