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What would you do?


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I was just wondering about death and all and this thought came to my mind. What would you do if you knew you were gonna die real soon. I mean you knew the exact time and all?? How would you spend your last day???

Id spend the day with loved ones. Tell everyone I hate that I hate them. Confess everything to everyone. And spend all my money on something usefull. LIke a nice dinner party. Or gifts for someone i love.

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well if I knew for certain that I had a day and was going to die at X time withoit fail, I`de probably do alot of impossible things like sit on several kilo of semtex and detonate it, jump off tall building unaided etc... just to confuse everyone, but not actualy tell them that I have a certain time to die pre-planned :)


I`de leave all my Science and Lab kit to my daughter, sign the necessary papers, have a great BBQ, sing some good songs then sit under my favorite tree with a 6 pack of beer and 20 cigs and just enjoy the ride :)

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