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Darwin said he couldn't stand the sight of a peacock, and then he figured out that all that plumage was to impress the ladies that they must be a good catch because the could succeed not 'because' of their plumage, but 'despite' their plumage.


If oversized houses and overpowered automobiles and other such behaviour are the plumage of modern man (and woman) have we much hope to ever learn to live sustainably? Are we predesposed to being self-destructive pyromaniacs that abuse our position on the top of the food chain?


I think we have been predisposed to oversized houses for quite some time, but what other forms of plumage did we possess before overpowered automobiles? Will we able to find a more environmentally friendly substitute? Is an overpowered hybrid any better? Can any $50,000 vehicle, or $50,000 house for that matter, be considered anything other than plumage?




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