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I don't know why, but now my PC wouldn't turn off or log off or anything. It don't follow my command.


It all started yesterday, I got a program and try to make my window theme look like the Window Vista thing with a program. It totally kill the OS, so I recover it and have to set up everything. I even lost my homework files for schools.


So after that I try a program that change the log in screen. It was fine until a few hours ago, that thing wouldn't work. And everytime when I try to hybernate, it give me this error:




And hybernated with a pop up window saying hybernated.


So I am like, that program is screwing my PC up. So I uninstall it. Now it wouldn't even turn off!




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I presume it was a program called LogonStudio? The error is well documented but there appears to be no exact solution... the cause of the problem is noted to be editing the bmp file and making its sive value different.


As for a solution I have no idea. Try searching Google for the exact error message and see if it returns anything useful.




Ryan Jones

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