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about titration..


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is this explaination right? I am a little confused about what the "results" of a titration is supposed to mean..can someone make it more clearly..


"Increase in volume of the acid in the flask has no effect on the results of a titration because since titration reaches its equivalence point when the number of moles of acid equals the number of moles of base, increasing the volume of acid simply means more volume of base is required for the titration to reach its equivalence point."

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This is perfectly fine as Equivalence Point is defined as the point where the solution exhibits pH neutrality(7.0) and they are mixed in exact quantities. If u increase the volume of acid then there would be a simultaneous increase in the protons and hence more number of base ions would be reqd to neutralize it. This is true only if the volume is changed and not the strength of the acids/bases.

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the equivalence point is not always at pH 7 for example if you are titration ethanoic acid(vinegar) against sodium hydroxide you have to take into account that the salt formed (sodium ethanoate) is alkaline. so the equivalence point will be alkaline(pH >7). there are other redox reactions where the pH doesn't change all that much as well.

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