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Magnetism questions


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I have looked at all the different forums but this is the best one to post these questions. These are the questions:


1.Does exposure to magnets cause damage to the body. If so, in what way?



2.Is it possible to make a saturateed magnet that can stay permanently saturated unless being banged, etc. If so, how? :confused:

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1, low gauss (STATIC) feilds have NO observable effects adverse or othewise on the human body.


2, yes 100%, with very little to no problem or difficluty at all :)

as for how there is a plethora of different ways, as magnestism when "passed on" does NOT reduce the power of the original magnet.

one way , cast a ferrous thermite charge within a magnetic feild, when it solidifies, it will make a VERY GOOD magnet! (I`ve done it)


get an ordinary needle (sewing or the likes) and make a few stroke along it`s length in a `D` shape.... place the magnet at one end, rub along the needle and lift the magnet away like the curve on the `D` back to the beginning again....... do this 30+ times , yout needle will be quite magnetised :)


from there push that needle through a cork so that it floats nicely and put it in a big glass of water, it`ll make a great compass too :)

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