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emma watson DRINKS!


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I'm a really big fan of the Harry Potter books but I just couldn't watch the films with out getting really annoyed with the acting.

Even though he's improved' date=' Daniel Radcliff is still a crap actor. He has this one expression where his mouth hangs open for every emotion in the film. The other two aren't as bad but they still ruin the film for me.[/quote']

ofcourse if u compare the movies and books it is definetly a disaster.actually the warner bros ;) could write their own version of harry potter.

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Seriously guys! I don't see what the big fuss is about....shes allowed to have fun! And the pic is real, and even if you don't believe me there are plenty of other pics.. I wish people would just stop bashing emma. I'm a HUGE harry potter fan, and on all the harry potter sites, people are always criticising her. It must be hard being famous...your every move being watched...cut her some slack!:rolleyes:

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pft she drinking... so what???

if she was being like paris hilton and going around flashing people or making sex videos then it would be ok to be worried about her being a bad role model but drinking??? come on im a teenager and i drink occasionally as do alot of my friends and were still healthy toung individuals

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