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Kurt Cobain was murdered


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From "Journals"


...Because a lot of people liked me the sides were even but I couldn't handle the ridicule so on a saturday night I got high and drunk and walked down to the train tracks and layed down and waited for the 11:00 train and I put 2 big pieces of cement on my chest and legs and the train came closer and closer.

And it went on the next track beside me instead of over me. So I rode the bus to Lakeside School from Jenkins Lane every day pretending to go to school and doing acid instead walking in the woods, so my mom would think I was going to school & the cops stopped me one night...


It was in his letters, so I think that constitues as a sucide attempt. I'm not going to look through the whole book right now to find them all. I'm sure though when I read it there were at least 3 or 4 more letters describing suicide attempts, and at least two of these were talked about in sources outside of his journaled accounts, and although one or two may have been accidental, he was most definately ODing intentially...I'll keep looking.

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