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Black Blob Outside

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Mystery street blobs spark concern CNN


August 2, 2002 Posted: 3:25 AM EDT (0725 GMT)


CAMDEN, New Jersey (AP) -- There's something strange underfoot in Camden.


Black blobs polka-dotting the streets and sidewalks of the Waterfront South area have some residents fearful for their health and worried the blobs might signal the end of their neighborhood.


The Department of Environmental Protection doesn't know what it is. Neither does the Camden County Health Department.


The spots morph over a few days, Sanders explained. The fresh ones look like small oil spills -- most of them round, most of them about 6 inches across. Though they look like liquid, they don't feel like it.


As they dry, the blobs get smaller, darker and look waxy. They end up about the size of a half-dollar and they're not easy to get off the sidewalks.


"You could give the whole damn city of Camden a piece of chewing gum and it wouldn't be all these spots," said Sanders, 54.


While sidewalks everywhere have splotches, the concentration in the neighborhood is high -- dozens in most sections of concrete.


A quick field test wasn't able to confirm that the substance was petroleum-based, said Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Fred Mumford. That seems to rule out tar from roofs or street repairs and leaky cars.


Officials at more than a dozen industrial facilities and two federal Superfund contaminant sites said they haven't had any operational problems that would cause the splotches, Mumford said.


Bob Lentine, assistant commissioner of the county health department, said he thinks the stuff might be industrial pollutants or fuel discharge from the jets that fly directly overhead from nearby Philadelphia. In any case, it's probably nothing to worry about, he said.


Keep me informed please >:)

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Might be a big alien turd comet hit the Earth. But I imagine they would want to recycle if they passed by and wouldn't eject a big turd. Maybe some really fat guy in the future tried to come into the past and wound up as black blobs over a whole city.

Just aman

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