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What would be the best two animals to genetically cross??


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A collared lizard and a human. It would be very athletic and smart. It could be called the collared human (that's a stupid name, but that's the best I can come up with).


teh lizard man!







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a snail with a sloth


to give you the worlds laziest creature.


Woohoo ! I want one.


I managed to see some sloths in Bolivia, they're one of my favourite animals...pretty obvious what I think of snails.


How about a rhino and a camel spider...


the worlds scariest creature.

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I reckon a Meer Cat and a Giraffe would be pretty cool... Though it would kind of defeat the object of needing to get on it's hind legs and look around(which is why Meer Cats are so rad) as it would already be pretty tall. Still though it might have it's advantages in an Urban environment.


I would call it the Meeraffe.

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