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I heard that it's bad if you exersise and then right after you drink water. Is it bad?


This happened when i was running on the track. I stopped in the middle to get a drink of water. One of my buddies said that it's bad to do so. He said that you should cool down before you drink water.


is this true? why shouldn't we drink water right after running?

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stitches happen whether or not you drink water.

theres nothing wrong bad with drinking water all through exercising and then after, in fact its recommended that you do.

the only thing you shoudn't do straight afterwards is eat, you should 20 minutes for that.

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If you have been exercising hard and drink water before cooling down the chances are you'll just throw it back up again. There is also the chance of stomach cramps.


If you are working hard, rinse and spit. Drink once you have cooled down (5-10 minutes).

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I think there's no problem with drinking water just after exercise, while I think it's more suitable to drink water before exercise, too. As you exercise, water losses from body so drink before exercise would help.


I recommend you not to drink excessive water before or during exercising. You should just wet your mouth and shallow a small amount down your throat. I'm a wrestler, so I drink a lot of water. During my intense 2 hours practises, we are given some water drinks. During my first novice days, I drank excessive water, and it gave me cramps right away. Now, I just wet my mouth and drink a small amount. Then, after the exercise you can drink much water as you want.

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on a related theme' date=' I`ve heard that you should never go swimming after you`ve eaten, but should wait a while, I`ve even heard this extended to having a bath!?


is there any truth to this at all?[/quote']

Yes there is. After you eat, blood is diverted to your gut (i.e. away from deep muscle) to help digestion. If you swim after eating you run an increased risk of severe cramps, and if you are out of your depth, that's really not good. Dive schools such as N.A.U.I. and P.A.D.I. teach people not to enter the water within an hour of eating.


I've never heard it extended to having a bath though. There are a couple of possibilities I can think of. I suppose it's conceivable that as eating a large meal can sometimes make you drowsy you might fall asleep in the bath, but who hasn't done that? It may be that as getting into a hot bath diverts blood to the periphery, thus diverting blood away from the gut, it might interfere with digestion, but I can't see a huge problem there either.

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