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That is kinda cool.


Basically they have made a touch screen which registers multiple touch points, which whilst is a clever thing isn't that hard because touch screens already have to record both your vertical and horizontal positioning. So on a 'single point' touch screen if you put 2 fingers on the computer must decide which one takes priority. Now they've done some clever engineering so the computer can take multiple inputs.


The rest of it was just a clever graphical program.

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It acts like it wants to load then redirects to this:



can't find the web site

500 Unknown Host

The site may no longer exist or it may have moved.

Double-check for any misspellings, punctuation errors, or extra spaces.

If these suggestions do not work, try restarting your computer.



Error: Can't find web site mrl.nyu.edu.nyud.net

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That was awesome.

I saw that satellite map thing in there. I've seen google maps but is there a better one out there. One that can zoom in more and provide better graphics? I have seen local.live.com and i like the birdview feature. But it's only available with some areas.


Does anyone have a link to a really good satellite map?

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