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Irony in Islam


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I heard an interesting take on things.

Life isn’t driven by the survival of the most well adapted…

But rather the “will to power”.

In other words the desire to explode outward and release energy.


Someone will know what famous philosopher came up with that one..

His name begins with “N”

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However' date=' if I caught one in the act, the only things the cops will need to bring is a body-bag and a mop. If this seems contradictory, think of it in military terms. It is alright to kill the enemy in combat, but not after he has surrendered and been captured. That's sort of how I see it.[/i']


The quote you made above, in reference to a pedophile, is not good enough for me. Nor is it good enough for how I feel about the Islamics who are killing in the name of allah. Evil does not earn a bed, free medical care, a television set, a community room, and three meals a day for the rest of their lives. These beasts deserve a box buried deep in the ground because they don't deserve the gift of life. What is to stop someone from raping as many little kids as he can get away with, knowing that he will never be put to death. I would bet that the death penalty has been a deterent to at least some rapists. Even if it was just one rapist that didn't commit the crime because he doesn't want to die, would be worth it. Where is your deterent.


Joseph Smith is on trial right now for the kidnapping, brutal rape, and murder of an 11 year old child named Carlie Brusia. You should read a little about her, and while you do, picture her lying on the ground struggling with her kidnapper as he tore off her clothes. Think of her realizing that no one was going to help her. Think of her unable to fight back against someone much stronger than her. Think of her crying and pleading for her life. Think of what was going through her mind as he was... in his own words to his brother..... "having rough sex with her". Can you imagine what was on her mind? Well I can. Right now, in court, he is pleading for his life because he doesn't want his children to be without a father. If I was a juror, I would be crying for him too, but I would still give him death.


Were talking about the lustful murder of an innocent 11 year old little girl. Her life was stolen from her and untill the day you die, people like you will never convince me with your analogy that I'm wrong in seeking his death. I don't care how much he pleads for his life. I want him dead and buried in an unmarked grave in the middle of some landfill. I feel no empathy for him at all because I put it where it belonged... with her. However, I feel differently about Andrea Yates who drowned all her kids. She is a nutcase and does not deserve death. She deserves a mental instituion because its not her fault. Don't anyone jump in and tell me that all rapists are sick to some degree because that won't work with me.


I apply that same reasoning to the victims who have been put to death by the uncivilized Islamic culture. Its all the same to me. Evil needs to be removed from society and buried, not given free meals and a warm bed. No offense intended JohnB. I'm just defending my point of view...




P.S. Now that I turned 18 I pity the pedophile who has me as a juror.


I'm quoting myself to let pedophile haters see this news story.... Hopefully they will do it right away.





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