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plutonium or uranium?


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flyboy has just been added to 16 different FBI danger-lists. I wouldn't advise trying to take a plane in the next, say, 20 years or so.


Well... you never know whos watching you today :S




Ryan Jones

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it just fasinates me what awesome power they have


and its not like im gonna try an build one in my backyard or anything


We know. If it takes entire industrialized nations decades of research and development, I dont think many people are worried about people building them at home.

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correct me if i am wrong......

the denser the atom, the more energy it holds. and when it breaks,(Fission or Fusion) smaller atoms are created, with a less dense core. there are leftover particles to compleate the nuclear reaction.


Fission or Fusion.... one Might release more energy one way than the other.(i'm not sure if i am right about that.....)

just something to think about.

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