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Readers needed for a psychological horror...


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Hi guys... yes this is my first post but I was impressed by what I've read so far, and I'm in need of some outside opinions. I have a book I'm working on in three sections. The first section is done, but before I can proceed with the next part I need some help and I have no background in psychology myself other than a single high school class. :P My book is about a schizophrenic killer and the woman he takes hostage. I should say that there are parts that get rather graphic, but not gratuitously. I'll say right now that for that reason, I will NOT knowingly let a minor read it. *disclaimer over*


So if you're still curious, let me know & I'll forward you my manuscript - and thanks in advance! :)

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15 chapters :/ eh .... well .... well .... if i read it, and help you out with the psychological states of the particular killer prior and during his psychosis you DEFENITLY OWE ME!


:eek: hmm... well... I think I can handle that! lol


So how would you like to send it to me? Email?


That's the usual way, yep. It's in .doc format. PM me your email & I'll send it to you. Thanks again!!!!

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My book is about a schizophrenic killer and the woman he takes hostage.


I've known three schizophrenics; during a phase they are so incapacitated they couldn't plan to catch a bus. There have been killings by sufferers of this disease but they have always been spontaneous - an innocent happens to be standing next to them when they hear satanic voices telling them to kill. There was no sense that the victim was chosen - it's always purely circumstantial. A murderer capable of coherent and intelligent scheming and planning would have a psychopathic personality defined by their lack of human empathy. The schizophrenics I met were very compassionate and caring people - it's only for the length of an attack that they 'lose' it and in most cases this exressed itself as tortured attacks on themselves. People suffering from this illness would not like to read of themselves characterised as psycho killers, they suffer enough already.

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