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360 degree joints


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Well if you're joints had 360 degree turning capabilities, you'd have to have skin with high elasticity. This in turn would require high tensile muscle fibers in order to to exist under the conditions with such strain. Now that we've reconfigured your entire anatomy, and discussed that an actual change such as this would go beyond just bone structure, and would require high degrees of genetic modification and/or plastic surgery.


You'd be able to do almost nothing special except twist your arms around in grotesque manners and ultimately just turn off the girls that you almost had a chance with to the senior prom. Besides that you could go around scaring the shit out of priests by pretending you're possessed. The imagination's the limit kiddo.

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Create some crazy dance moves?


Why would I need to be able to rotate any joint all the way around and back to where the limb, or whatever, was originally? I'm not trying to be an ass, I just can't come up with a reason why.. unless of course we were a species that evolved and adapted to an environment similar to the inside of a suitcase.

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