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Any hope for poor maths...


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I had my first tutorial yestarday for my science foundation - leading onto a diploma in physics (which is why I'm panicking) , and near the end we were given a bunch of basic maths problems to solve (in your head) which I havn't come across since high school (roughly 13 years ago, I branched off to media and design for my A-levels) although my maths was above average back then - I feel like I'm back to square one...I felt like a right doofus.


I'm talking really basic stuff converting percentages into ratios and rearranging simple equations et.c so my confidence was shot to pieces, I just drew a blank, with some of the questions. Although I realise I'm just going to have to apply myself until I've got the basics down before I can tackle the harder stuff, does anybody know anyone who has managed to turn themselves around with maths later on in life. I've always had the impression that you've either got it or you havn't - like being an artist.


Has anyone here had a problem with maths and is now finding it a breeze, is there hope for this numerical retard.

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of course theres hope!


u just need to flex those mathmatical muscles a bit.


google for some basic maths excercises to do, start off with GCSE mock papers and such, that will give u the questions, and if u have problem with the methods then google the specifics.


when u feel u have a good grasp of that, move onto A Level mocks...


just be sure u work through the excercises as they were intended, and when u get stuck, research the correct method.


Just remember that what makes maths so delicious is that its all common sense, and fits together perfectly like some celestial jigsaw lol.


so once u have the basics back in shape, everything else will fall into place.


good luck and most of all, have fun!

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Thanks for the support ! I found the BBC website very adequate for my needs. I find it amusing that I'm going over problems that I tackled when I was a wee nipper. Really goes to show that experience and intelligence are not related.

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I had the exact same problem as yourself Snail, in my case it was a 22 year gap. I found though that I picked it up faster this time. Perhaps because this time I was wanting to learn?

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Thanks Sheba, this is precisely how I feel - now that I actually want to learn maths I'm actually enjoying the challenge rather than being petrified of the subject (due to just doing what was necessary in secondary school and then forgetting about what I'd learnt.)


The last couple of evenings of studying has built my confidence 2 fold already. I'm looking forward to using my creativity when (or if) I become competent in the subject.

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