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Cant acess site with only my IP


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Just in case.. not talk talking abt this site. I am talking abt another one. Anyways..

I cant go to the site http://www.123greetings.com for some unknown reason. I mean the site does exist.. there is an error message that the site doesnt exist. I am using Mozilla Firefox. OH.. and probably its not from only my comp coz my bro cant do it from his laptop either.

If you be kind enough to help.

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Works fine for me in IE and FF.


Maybe the website has blocked your IP (as suggested in the title), you and your brother will be using the same internet connection and so you will have the same external IP.


What error message do you get (exactly) when you try to go to the site.

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Yes i do from the link you gave me 1veedo.

Why would they block my IP adress ???

And my brother and i do use the same IP. Was just saying that to tell you that its not a prob with my comp or somethin

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