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History and Social Science References for Scholars


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There's no reference sticky at all in the Politics forum, and since we have no academic history or social science section to speak of I thought this might fit in best here. I was thinking that since there is a vast body of research in countless fields and subfields, members should start off by picking a well defined and supported area of history or social science scholarship and provide links to only open access general resources. Perhaps, if SFN ever spins off a separate section for social sciences, we can delve deeper and maybe draw on particular avenues of research.


Well, I'll start off with my area of interest.


Strategic Studies


Globalsecurity.org - Excellent open source strategic studies repository and portal.

Defenselink - DoD's information portal.

Jane's Intelligence Review

MIT SSP - Security Studies Program at MIT

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals (Law & Political Science)

Dispatch Archive - Electronic archive of State Department's premier magazine

Economic and Political Weekly

Joint Force Quarterly - Check out the broader Joint Electronic Library

Military Review - Combined Arms Center's bimonthly pub

MIT Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies

Naval War College Review

RAND Review

Parameters - US Army War College quarterly

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents


I'll continue to work on this one, and I'd definitely love to do one for public policy and operations research.

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