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I could really use some help


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I have a assignment due by Friday and ive done most of it but a few problems are really killing me and I was wondering if I could get some help and by help I mean the answers lol to some problems if u can help me I will be greatly apprciative.


3. Find the length of arc S, if r= 10 and its like a 0 with a line in the middle = pie over 6.


4. Find the area A of the sector if the 0 with the line in the middle = pie over 4 and r = 6


5. If the latitude of Chicago is about 42 degrees and the radius of the earth is about 4000 miles, how far is Chicago from the eaquator? (use pie = 3.1416)


please can some one help me its a matter of life and death lol.

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Unless I'm mistaken, this seems like pretty elementary geometry.


Just use area of the sector for A is:


[math]A = \frac{x}{2 \pi} r^2 [/math]


where [math]x[/math] is in radians. Maybe some Pythagoras but as some other people posted, it's not very difficult I think.


Ha.. I love pie and pi. :D

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