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The Wright Stuff


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if you arc the wings, like someone said earlier, it will help create lift - and if you can lift it high enough before you lose power, it will glide down for a longer time, and it will descend much more slowly.

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so yea, I told you I'd give you guys some updates.


We went to competition, unfortunately, it went pretty badly, almost all of our building events backfired on us. The tower crumbled, the robot maulfunctioned, the trebuchet misfired and the scrambler went far too slow to do any good.


In addition to that, our knowledge events went terribly, but I plan to rectify atleast my events, chemlab and circuit lab. I just hope everyone else does their share.


Now, one of the few things that went well was my plane.


It flew for an average of 1 minute 5 seconds, 1 minute 6 the first time and 1 minute 4 the second. I was very happy.


We got 12th out of 33 teams which was good.

And on top of that, It's the longest flying plane in my schools history. (pretty sad history huh?)


At any rate, I have alot of studying and perfecting to do within the next two weeks.

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Well, a last and final post and update in here.


I just got back from my regionals event and I did excellently.


4th place in Circuit Lab.


3rd place in Chem Lab.


and 2nd place in The Wright Stuff.


With 1:03 I beat the 3rd place team by 3 seconds.


And let me tell you, having two medals around your neck is a great feeling.

Woot! <(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^)>

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