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Energy Quark Transformation

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In a random conversation in a highschool physics class, we got around to some conversation about quarks. I heard that if an electron (though now I'm not entirly sure it was an an electron he said, but I am going to go with it. Please correct me if when I'm wrong though, so as not to make the same mistakes again), was to hit a quark, knocking it away from the other quarks in its confinement, and it was to move far enough away from the othe quarks, another quark would be created from the energy produced. I have not been able to find the sources my fellow student found to make this point. All I have been able to find is a bit of confusing information from wikipedia that is too unorganized for me. It is a bit hard for me to find the information I am looking for since I can't remember the name of the bond between quarks, or anything else about the quark structure. Just looking for a comforation or argument against this idea, some links to some useful resources, and a few keywords I know I am missing.

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This is correct. In fact it is the basis of a whole slew of eperiments, and is know as deep inelastic scattering. As search fr 'deep inelastic scattering' on google throws up a few links, inlcuding:




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