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I don't understand these 2 problems


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I have the file right here. Thanks for your help! I'd appreciate an explanation on how you solve the problems.


For the first problem you can use the fact that the two triangles share an angle and that means the ratio of two sides of the triangle are equal for any triangle


for the second one use the properties of angles and perpendicular lines.


That should help but I don't think I should give you the answer. I would however like to see your conclusion when you get it.

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for the first one the ratio of the top left side to the top right side is the same for both triangles, so:


[math]16/12 = 12/x[/math]


[math]16x = 144[/math]


[math]x = 9[/math]


same idea for y:


[math]12/15 = 4/y[/math]


[math]12y = 60[/math]


[math]y = 5[/math]


for the second one


triangles ACD and CBD are similar to ABC


so the ratios of sides are the same like the previous problem.

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