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Methylborate may help you. Dissolve some boric acid in methanol and pass your gas over this solution, before it is led to the outlet, where it is ignited. This gives you a green flame, which looks really cool.


Please, when you ask a question next time, use a more informative title for the topic. A scream "I need help" with an exclamation mark sign even causes people to stay away from the topic sometimes.

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Look at the color of the flames of burning methylborate ester. Even a trace of this ester in a flame, which is otherwise pale blue or colorless gives rise to beautiful green flames. I did the experiment and put it on my website.




The green flame really is cool. It looks great, especially in a dimly lit room.

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Can i use


Methanol----------Wood Alcohol



What other things could i use?

Can i add solvent red 24 to give it red smoke or will it kill the color?

could a guy mix gas with Styrofoam with Ethanol, Methanol, and Boric Acid. and get the same flame with a longer burn time.


What I want to make is a flammable liq. i can keep in a vial. so if i had a camp fire i could place the vial in the flames and get a great green flame.

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If that is what you want, then simply dissolve as much boric acid as possible in methanol and keep that in a bottle. You can dissolve a few grams of boric acid in 100 ml of methanol. No gas needed at all.


When you want the green flame, then you can put the liquid on a (small) fire. Do not put the entire vial in a fire, as that may rupture due to pressure buildup and may explode.


As my website shows, using ethanol is less succesfull. The flame is not pure green, but orange with green rims.

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well if you`re willing to use particulate matter, then copper salts would give a better blue than copper alone, use Strontium for Red fire and Barium for green Soidium for Yellow, potassium for lilac.

with these basic colors you can make any color imaginable by mixing them like paints :)

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