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Can you please help me identify my results

Guest Vertex

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Guest Vertex

Hello All,


I am glad that I passed by this forums as from what I can see its such a great resource to gaining knowledge from other experienced members.


Hence, I am hereby to tell you the following:


1 - I made a medical test called "Cervical polyp" and


The Microscpoic Description was:

"Shows endometrial tissue with severe ongoing cervicitis. There are strips of epithelium with severe hyperplastic and moderately atypical cells. There is no invading tumor".




The Final Diagnosis Based on Gross and Microscopic Examination:

Cervical biospy: Severe chronic cervicitis with focal moderate atypia.


2 - The other medical test I did was "Cervical smear" and the

Microscpoic Description:

"Adeqate and good quality.

Extocervicals - Inflammatory changes.

Endocervicals - Atypical cells.

Inflammatory cells - Marked.


Final Diagnosis Based on Gross and Microscopic Examination:

Cervical smear: Inflammatory with severe atypia.





Please advise me what the above results indicate and the solution.


Many thanks and awaiting to hear from you soonest.









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