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time managment


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Hi everyone!


I was just curious about how you guys go about managing your time... Do you create daily schedules, to-do list, or what? And if you use one of these formulaa, then how do you make yourself follow it...


I myself prefer to make schedueles...but when it comes to follow 'em...I just give up...

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I'm one of those people that can't just wing it; when I do I tend to just whitter away the entire day in front of the tv or something. I usually use a program like Korganiser to make to-do lists (not just relating to work - I'm as scatterbrained with everything else too) and organise what I'm doing each day.

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I divide all my tasks into either work or leisure, quantify the different tasks, and then make sure that the leisure to work ratio does not spiral too high. Work can include things like exercise. Watching TV is leisure. The difficulty is in figuring the values for the different tasks. If work does not equal leisure at the end of the day, I punish myself. This has led me to do some quite nifty things like simultaneously engaging in work and leisure so that my activity gives neither cost nor benefit (it is a zero-sum activity). E.g. I often watch TV while I exercising on the treadmill.



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