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Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas! Or, as my atheist friend puts it, Happy LittleAtheistChildrenGetPresentsDay! Since all the well-wishes have been said, I second everything said above!


Sad thing is, it's 2 in the morning here, and we're still wrapping presents. Heh heh heh.

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I had a very Merry Christmas :)


I got:

- Lots of incense to burn


- A vegetarian cookbook with juicer


- My brother-in-law got me a bottle of vanilla tequila, with a book called "Kama Sutra" attached to it, some gorgeous body oils, and a note attached saying "please dont stay single forever". Probably the most interesting gift set I've ever had.


- New Shakira CD


- US$50 with a note "Merry Xmas"


- Jewelry


- Bagels



I gave:

- US$100 in kitty plushies to the Childrens Hospital


- Stewie Griffin DVD


- Toy trains for my nephews


- Potpourri


- Homemade cookies


- Expensive black fabric with rose embroidiery blanket and bedspread set


- Blender and chopper


- Watches for my brother-in-laws

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Happy holidays to one and all. We had a great Christmas. This is probably the last Christmas that I expect any of my kiddos will believe in the big guy. There's nothing quite like having a true believer in the house. I'm going to miss it!

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