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A new thread: A "What If" thread!


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then you`de be making a bold statement of the obvious' date=' and we`de still blame Phi, but we`de be gratefull that you`re not on an aircraft :)


what if Miss Perfect was from Tehran in charge of Nuclear materials?[/quote']

Then she would be approached by a Miss Thread Hijacker hoping to get some!


What if you could only make one post on SFN a day?

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What if we were able to extract DNA from Leonardo Davinci and (somehow) create a million clones?


What if then we gave those babies to adoptive parents throughout the planet?


What impact would that have on the world, say, when those clones grow up and realize their power?

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Then they'd be the "Boys from Brazil". And China and Britain and Australia and Canada......., but not New Zealand, there are enough kiwis.


Aswokei, you didn't answer 1veedo's question.


What if all the women in the world were as wonderful as my wife?


(Yes dear, I asked the question, now will you please put down the gun?)

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We are moving close to the speed of light, closer to it than some stationary space dust in the middle of nowhere anyways.


What if people who talked about quatum mechanics where considered really cool and people who didn't where considered socially inept?

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Then people would attend a physics class instaed of joinnig gym. But some of the physicists would join the police to arrest people who talk about their crackpot ideas(related to QM) in public!


what if people got a slap on their faces when they said something stupid?


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What if avian flu is sick of all the hype and goes away?

Then I've got nothing to do with all these trendy face-masks


What if you fell in love with your best friend's girlfriend (or boyfriend...since we're making this hypothetical, and I dont like to exclude) which isnt exactly what you wanted, but it happened just the same, and now she's broken up with him (...or her, your pick) because she (...or he...) doesn't know who she (...or he....) loves anymore?

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Then there might be fewer believeing christians... they couldnt take that seriously... and the newer testament would be chock full of slap stick.


i hope i am not smited for that. god rocks


what if celebrities had a mechanism where they can't voice any opinion (intelligent or off the wall), but just perform?


what if celebrities didnt exist?


what if more people were famous for being good people or being smart or helping soceity?


what if we could find a new kind of gene therapy that didnt offend anyone and didnt raise an ethics issue? and that people didn't abuse that knowledge for their personal agenda?

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