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Then the vendors for pop-up blockers would form a lobby and make it illegal again.


What if our fertility were directly proportional to our intelligence?

(Forbidden answer: Then you'd have no kids :smile: )

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2 posibilities:

1. there would be no human any more.(most of time highly intelligent people don't want to have children!)

2. the world would be paradise. (because there was no fool);)


what if everyone had the abslolute freedom to do whatever he want?



then id be a fetus in a jar


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We'd still be fighting ID vs evolution, but 100,000 Iraqis would be alive.


What if it wasn't so friggin cold outside?


oops - I posted after you, Silk, but I'm gonna go with Richard Pryor resurrecting the Iraqis by saying "Get up, m*ther****er!"

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