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Mesh Current Analysis

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I am at a loss of how to write down circuit network equations when

(i) a current source which cannot be clearly converted into a equivalent

voltage source is included in one specific mesh.

(ii) a dependent voltage source is included in one specific mesh.

using the matrix equation form.


For (i), the voltage across the current source is dependent on the variables of mesh currents, so it cannot be included into the voltage excitation/input matrix Vmesh.

For (ii), can we treat the dependent source as a normal element like a resistor in the derivation of the impedance matrix?


The matrix equation of the circuit network is characterized by

Vmesh = Z * I

where Vmesh = voltage excitation matrix

Z = impedance matrix

I = mesh current matrix


Example circuit problem shown in attachment:

Thansk for help!

Mesh Analysis Example 1.bmp

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